Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hibernation ......

Oh my goodness!  The sun is shining today!
Been a while ......
We are gradually getting back to normal down here in South Devon - missed all the snow which hit the rest of UK - it came down as rain instead!  The country lanes and even some of the main roads have been like muddy rivers and the run-off from the fields has been pouring out of the hedgebanks like mini waterfalls ..... Luckily - we're ok!  And I can hibernate in my Studio most of the time ;o)

I've been playing again - this time with dragonflies and mermaids!  Millie Mermaid needs a bit more ppp - she's having a bit of a bad hair day and also needs to slim down a bit ...... hehehe  But - she's fun to do :O)  I have some ideas for an Under the Sea quilt, with mermaids and seahorses and a bunch of other stuff - but those are all just ideas at the moment, still percolating around in my leeeeetle grey cells ;o)

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