Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hibernation ......

Oh my goodness!  The sun is shining today!
Been a while ......
We are gradually getting back to normal down here in South Devon - missed all the snow which hit the rest of UK - it came down as rain instead!  The country lanes and even some of the main roads have been like muddy rivers and the run-off from the fields has been pouring out of the hedgebanks like mini waterfalls ..... Luckily - we're ok!  And I can hibernate in my Studio most of the time ;o)

I've been playing again - this time with dragonflies and mermaids!  Millie Mermaid needs a bit more ppp - she's having a bit of a bad hair day and also needs to slim down a bit ...... hehehe  But - she's fun to do :O)  I have some ideas for an Under the Sea quilt, with mermaids and seahorses and a bunch of other stuff - but those are all just ideas at the moment, still percolating around in my leeeeetle grey cells ;o)

Friday, 11 January 2013


My favourite embroidery technique is silk ribbon embroidery.  These little Pinz are a neat way to start :o)  

I'm teaching classes at the Serendipity quilt shop in Bovey Tracy and my next Pinz class with them is *Heartsong* on 2nd Feb - check out their workshop schedule.

Just in time for Valentines Day ....... :O)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes - its been a very happy new year for me, even though its only a few days old!  I don't make resolutions now as - let's be honest - they never last long ;o)  And I've wasted too much time over the years beating myself up about that - hehe.  Instead - I figure out a few Intentions, which are much easier to work with and are much more adaptable :O)
Intentions for 2013 are nice and simple - to develope my longarm freehand quilting skills.
The pic is the result of some playtime this week - not quite finished yet but its been SO exciting to step out of my box and just DO it.   I have spent time on You tube watching tutorials by Jamie Wallen, Sharon Schamber, Dusty Farrell, Nichole Webb, DeLoa Jones ...... to name a few.  And I've invested my Chrimbo cash into DVDs by Jamie and by Kim Brunner, and into boomerang rulers made by DeLoa.  Just waiting for all the goodies to arrive ...... :O)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Monday, 24 December 2012

.... still Christmas Eve ....

Almost time to put out the sherry and mince pies for Santa :O)
My husband is working true to his personal tradition and is busy wrapping presents as we speak .... he always insists this should never be done before 10pm on Christmas Eve!  Whereas I like to watch the pile growing under the Christmas Tree, right through the whole of December ;o) They do say Opposites attract, which I guess explains why we've been married for 31 years ........
We saw the Hobbit today - great film!  I loved the music even more than in LOTR, especially the Dwarves Chorus at Bilbo's house.
Time to find those mince pies ......
Here's wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas :O)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Eve :o)

Well - I managed to hold out last night!  Pressie pile is still complete under the Christmas Tree ;o)
I put the last stitches into the last made-by-me gift and just need to wrap that this morning - and then they are all done!  Amazed myself this year, unless there's something I've forgotten to do .....
We are going to see the Hobbit today :O)  Funny when you think about it - when the boys were small the treat at Christmas was to get tickets for a pantomime.  Its going to be very tempting to call out and tell Bilbo *look behind you!!!*  I think my guys would disown me - don't you ??  hehehe

The Eve of Christmas Eve ....

The magic of Christmas Day lasts quite a long time in our house.  I love the lead up and the prep, the twinkles and the tinsel - and everything else!  Several years ago our boys heard about opening one present from under the Tree on Christmas Eve.
I'm a definite pushover with anything like that so I confess - they didn't need to push very hard and we quickly made that a regular Family Tradition - hehehe
Well - they are grown up now, in their 20s - but family traditions are still very important aren't they, whatever age you are :O)
Today is the Eve of Christmas Eve ......  Last year they tried to persuade me that there's another similar tradition for today.  I'll give you three guesses about what the topic of conversation is going to be a bit later........ hehehe
I'll tell you tomorrow whether I managed to hold out or not ...... hehehe

Mind you - I've had two early gifts already :O) This is a Poinsettia Rose - the red bracts curls up slightly and form rose-like *flowers* around the top - really pretty!  I haven't seen these before :O)