Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Eve of Christmas Eve ....

The magic of Christmas Day lasts quite a long time in our house.  I love the lead up and the prep, the twinkles and the tinsel - and everything else!  Several years ago our boys heard about opening one present from under the Tree on Christmas Eve.
I'm a definite pushover with anything like that so I confess - they didn't need to push very hard and we quickly made that a regular Family Tradition - hehehe
Well - they are grown up now, in their 20s - but family traditions are still very important aren't they, whatever age you are :O)
Today is the Eve of Christmas Eve ......  Last year they tried to persuade me that there's another similar tradition for today.  I'll give you three guesses about what the topic of conversation is going to be a bit later........ hehehe
I'll tell you tomorrow whether I managed to hold out or not ...... hehehe

Mind you - I've had two early gifts already :O) This is a Poinsettia Rose - the red bracts curls up slightly and form rose-like *flowers* around the top - really pretty!  I haven't seen these before :O)

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